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Done with costumes an now gotta lose some weight so I can gain twice as much on thanksgiving!!! #throwbackthurdays LA river tailslide ! Sorry for getting u wet @seutrinh !!! Goodnite #instafamily

daewon1song Instagram profile picture
Daewon Song
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daewon1song 1352214847
robinsonkim 1352218155
@daewon1song nice shot! 👍thanks for coming out to #vanguardsurfskate for #battleoftheshops ! 💥💥 fun day
sonikboomer 1352275684
Such a good shot!
daewon1song 1352303436
@robinsonkim thank u so much for supporting @almostskate and for all the other great things your doing for the kids!!! Take care
madman11b 1352346248
That pic is so good man! Are you still doing crazy madd tech stuff?
onetribe2010 1353014496
Like Bending time with that tailside @daewon1song #fresh pic
fredrikwinsents 1355158620
Skatemore.. Such a great video, never gets old.. Favorite parts must be your part @daewon1song and @mikey_tay1or !
catzillaohshit 1355245369
Haha your bearings :s
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