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Wipeout! One of the best shows on TV. Who else besides me, thinks @thetimoconnor should be the commentator of this show?

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Kerry Getz
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kerrygetz 1351819415
@foybarley73 I think he's been working on it lately.👍
lozo_ 1351819797
Totally @getzhabitat
joshfriedberg 1351821589
Get em @thetimoconnor!
hads.t 1351823855
Him and Pancho would be perfect. add in a big titted broad and you can't lose.
koreanpasta 1351825281
Fantastic show!!
thetimoconnor 1352233455
@getzhabitat I would love to commentate on that show! By the way....the Internet on my phone is finally sort of working after a week!!! That hurricane fucked my shit up! Still no power. Hacked into my neighbor's electric
thetimoconnor 1352233519
I love the original Japanese show even more. Takashi's Castle...or something like that is the name of the show that wipeout essentially copied
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