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Joey Brezinski

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Im visiting the pug nation rescue this afternoon. If anyone out there is interested fostering a pug in need hit up @thepugqueen

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Joey Brezinski
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dannyminnick 1351834199
Let's go sat shooting tomorrso
thepugqueen 1351843950
Thank you for coming today @joeybrezinski and @pizzathepug!! And THANK YOU for taking 2 pugs to foster!! You have big β€πŸ’™. Anyone interested in adopting or fostering a pug or pug mix please let me know, visit our facebook page Pug Nation Rescue LA or www.pugnationla.org! ❀✌😘
thepugqueen 1351844126
@molofson69 There is a pug rescue in SD! Google San Diego Pug Rescue 😁
thepugqueen 1351845518
Nice to meet you @moiwarning!
pauloveral123 1351853942
Check this out @beckimckeown
beckimckeown 1351853994
@pauloveral123 !! Well this has made me want to adopt a load more pugs!
pauloveral123 1351854065
Oh god! Your going to be an old crazy lady with all the pugs in the world! @beckimckeown
thisisthemichael 1351872749
@thepugqueen thank you so much:) !
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