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#morning #shittin with my #kitten the little guys up for grabs in 3 weeks.. Any takers?

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Cj Tambornino
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cj_tambo 1351785470
@jordanschoenberger Just comment pic and tag me in a few weeks.. we might need to get a game of skate going for him cuz it looks like @skatecatjack wants him too..
jackd4nkins 1351785611
@cj_tambo @jordanschoenberger haha I could never win a game of Skate! I already Got 3 kats bit If ir dosnt work for Jordan il tale him
jackd4nkins 1351785628
jordanschoenberger 1351785820
Alrighty. Well yeah he gots a home so I mean if it doesn't work out which is small. I will let you know
erikostos 1351786343
Haha @johnathanmckenzie #dumplifecuz 🙌
ronparker96 1351821004
Gd up
easysteezy9 1351890446
My cat does the same thing
cj_tambo 1353334405
@jordanschoenberger my homie chucks gonna take him.. Sorry G!
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