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andrewcannon 1351673418
@jbannon thanks for a great show! It's taken a long time but I finally got to experience it live tonight and it was well worth the wait.
josh_is_chillin 1351688572
Best band ever
latenightplush 1358177707
Oh hey I was at that same show !
andrewcannon 1358178483
@plushsuicide fuck yes! Big converge fan? I'm heading back to pa this weekend (where I'm from) for that 100th issue decibel show. Then Neurosis the next night. A new music friend!
latenightplush 1358179005
@andrewcannon666 yes, loved them foreverr. And Neurosis is one of my all time favorites! You will have to catch Graveyard in phx next month, I bet you would love them! Have fun in PA!
andrewcannon 1358183524
@plushsuicide graveyard is coming next month?! Where? "Ohhhhh lucifer! Please take my hand!" I'm literally listening to that as I sit here at physical therapy.
latenightplush 1358184311
Hahah! At Crescent Ballroom on the 19th, totally worth it.
andrewcannon 1358184845
I'm fucking in!
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