Photo from edselego

@mgamez kinda going off up here!

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edselego 1351294412
@cicerodabreadwinner East coast! Bal Harbor North Miami Beach..
f1rstsurfshop 1351294435
@edselego it's been insane down here!
cicerodabreadwinner 1351295110
Bummer I thought you might be on
cicerodabreadwinner 1351295142
Mad beach. Should be waves here tomorrow.
cstahrs 1351296726
I'm here!! @edselego
edselego 1351301834
@cstahrs cruise by the shop tomorrow if your around.
cstahrs 1351301988
@edselego for sure got the family with me ill let the lil man terroize the shop hahaha
tony_miami 1351314224
Gotta come to NYC and surf rockaway!
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