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Max Schaaf

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Trust. Onio&Clem and me. 95ish. Probably the most unselfish time in my life. Onio(jumping) no dad, barley a mom, but had me... Some sort of dad/father/friend. Taking em skating and just showing them life outside the hood. Eventually it got em.... But damn we had some fun. You do the best you can do. #trust #trains #friendship #forgive

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Max Schaaf
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4q69 1351625880
@chase510 call me
coreyduffel 1351793228
Those kids were cool.
batdog 1352517734
steviecab 1354805393
matiaslaspalas 1361394444
I dont know nothing about your experience with those kids except what I saw on the real videos. Those videos show you being a great friend, close to a father. I hope those kids will remind you with lots of love and respect. Im sure you did more than you think!! All my respects and passion to you @4q69
bobcacc 1367079564
I agree, U d helped more than U'll ever imagine. God Bless U
motogalore 1390195802
Love and respect to those how can stop look feel and help selfless. May the great spirite allways be with you
_borntired_ 1432950352
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