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Kerry Getz

Photo from kerrygetz

#FDR mission with @nickbarba & @cmulhern

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Kerry Getz


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deitschmaster 1351268421
I wanna see some new footage of you and Bam skating there. I was watching all the CKY videos Lastnight. I miss the good old days off y'all skating together. Tell bam to start gettin footy!
shizzie_tizzle 1351268748
whatpeoplearemadeof 1351269285
Fuck, that is better than porn
killakuncaitis 1351270127
I second @deitschmaster!
Third it!
otnipbor 1351274849
The biggest bowl of Chile is like a half of that shit! Damn, we are too far from really tranny progress! Love that underground shit!
beercanfolklore 1351276376
I miss this place.
tfletch1 1351276699
bum rush the spot tomorrow
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