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Josh Kalis

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Some #throwbackthursday action I ganked from @chromeball. Tre flip noseblunt. Always wished I had footage of this. But at the time it felt right to just shoot it. #skateboarding

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Josh Kalis
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air_hart 1351204257
Cot damn. G.O.A.T
wyteal 1351204856
Damn dude! Amazing!
jimthiebaud 1351206022
gallochino 1351208719
No footage? Well then it never happened -was said to me
pstonebra 1351215617
Relearn it my dood
bombaklats 1351291563
you did it at sants in mono, but that longlens-angle sucked... where's the fisheye footage of that? always wondered, cause you see someone film it still working on a new homie video? that one you did is always a treat!! DC Video era footage
royalstain 1351453857
Dope pic! Just seen u on worlds dumbest lol I think it was u and lee and homeys car lights on fire!!
joeysinko 1366057316
Do it again!
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