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Rob Meronek

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#ThrowbackThursday from when I first discovered Photoshop and used it to spread my racist sentiment towards my fellow zipperhead VC chinker gooks. Of course, it's a meron grab. Herra tight.

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Rob Meronek
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johnpartytime 1351196214
I may have shot that photo.
anthonyfurlong 1351197505
That's your jam. Merrrrrron grabs for life
meronek 1351197937
Yeah @johnpartytime that was your photo from Fossil
elrandy 1351200301
Damn I miss living 10 mins from fossil park. Best little spine, quarter, spine setup.
hellonwheels 1351206791
I saw someone that looks just like you today! Haha
fugal 1351251090
Haha so good
daftexpedition 1351256460
I died at the meron grab.
sambellipanni 1351273689
I suggest an ASAIN PRIDE AWARD for the All Ages Award Ceremony. @dailybs @rtclem @meronek @porpe
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