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Kerry Getz

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"GTV FRIDAYS" I'm bringing it back. If you followed me on twitter? You'll know what I'm talking about. #freeshit Coming soon! Only on Instagram. πŸ‘

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Kerry Getz
_invalid_username 1351141145
No Twitter. No idea what it is but I'm down @getzhabitat haha
kerrygetz 1351142094
@_invalid_username I'm kind of over twitter. All the new updates to it are bullshit. Plus I had some issues with who guessed first at the GTV contest movie pic. I post a random pic from a scene in a movie and you have to guess what movie it is to win. First one to guess wins FREESHIT!πŸ‘Š it will be one random Friday a month.πŸ‘
kerrygetz 1351144768
@mikomuhfucka haha! Best era for movies.πŸ‘
_invalid_username 1351148788
@getzhabitat yeah I can't even handle facebook or Twitter these days, instagram is simple and art motivated. Sounds fun, ill be watching!
mitch_heartless 1351162966
Hell yea these were fun
knowgood 1351285372
Not starting it today?
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