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Josh Kalis

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Please help our dude Reggie Destin. All you industry cats know Reggie. He got hit by a drunk driver with no insurgence skating Dow the streets in Chicago. Please donate anything to gofundme.com/reggiedestin Anything will help. He's in a induced coma and intensive care. Bad shape. Good friend to all.. Just an awesome person. Please help our friend and fellow skateboarder.

dgkalis Instagram profile picture
Josh Kalis
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abe_duh_babe 1351131353
@dgkalis yo josh where do i go to help out bro?
abe_duh_babe 1351131404
Wait im stupid haha just saw where but i hope the homie gets better soon
rossmphoto 1351133143
Shitty to hear josh. Hope the best for your friend!
lacoka1 1351134154
@dgkalis I think Johnny was w him that night?
got_shit 1351136472
Dan I'll help email me at dedicatedskate@gmail.com hit me up I have to help man bummer
nkavids 1351136515
Do you guys have anything on facebook ? If put a post on mine or tag me I'll share it. 😔🙏
spencerbrez 1351139278
Come on even a dollar helps, why did i just hear this now? Needs to be on everyone twitter etc...
got_shit 1351222625
Just go on line you can find him I gave 40 buck,s good luck to you oll man one love from dedicatedskate@ boards.com
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