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Allisports posted part 2 of the PlanB documentary go check it. @allisports @planbofficial

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_marcosvelazquez 1351049386
Best skate team ever!!! @pjladd
street_popsicle 1351050420
Just watched it
oh_no_rex_tvl 1351050761
PJ dude you're my idol, my inspiration that keeps me going. You and my gf bro, keep doing what you do bro! @pjladd
_trav15 1351056181
@pjladd you're my favorite skater of all time. You are a true inspiration. Fo sho!
kaseyjones13 1351088428
@pjladd my fav skate vid of all time...pj ladds wonderful horrible life
mutt_lee 1374855066
That allisport had too much bicycles to find the video. If you're still in NYC, lets go film @pjladd .
veggie661 1399182176
Still got that beard @pjladd ?
miksnail666 1407086721
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