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Just stopped by @kineticskateboarding in haddonfield NJ and signed all the boxes of my new habitat shoe. Go get a pair before their gone. Order online or stop in. Kineticskateboarding.com Thanks for the support guys!πŸ‘Š

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Kerry Getz
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the_buster_84 1351026226
jdmthoughts 1351027996
Your one of the few people doing this, at least making it publicly known. Props to you for not being like the rest of pros not still giving back. I remember when Stevie had his first DC shoe coming, I had ordered all three color ways from Elite and asked if one could be signed since elite was his shop sponsor and they were given the first pairs. Never got signed, wound up running into him at love and getting it doneπŸ‘ to you
jdmthoughts 1351028013
ohwader79 1351028230
@getzhabitat not sure your shoes will be in Canada yet, but I'm getting a pair a.s.a.p πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Ÿ
kerrygetz 1351028783
@jdmthoughts thanks man! Much appreciated! That's why I opened @nocturnalskate years back. I always wanna give backπŸ‘Š
kerrygetz 1351028809
@ohwader79 Hell yeah! Thanks πŸ‘Š
jdmthoughts 1351031535
I remember when you first opened nocturnal ad had all the pets in there.... I think I might have some of my old shirts from there.... Such a rad spot and pretty cool being near south street
dwalts713 1351032607
Bring a pair up to the Slatington area hook it uppppp
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