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Andrew Cannon

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Testing out some sweet ass new @theevetrucks tonight. Super excited for the new ones.

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Andrew Cannon
justindamer 1350955751
So sick!
aaronwawra 1350955775
When do we get to see some andrew cannon pro trucks man?!
ronrauto 1350957832
@garretthill @rippingfeather @meximumbles
rippingfeather 1350957959
Let me know what you think. @andrewcannon666
theevetrucks 1351034322
tanguhlang 1365654554
What's new about them? @andrewcannon666
andrewcannon 1365655022
They changed the hanger and they turn so much better. They're awesome! @tanguhlang
tanguhlang 1365655289
nice!! Andrew can you tell me why theeve hasn't replied back to me about my wobbly kingpin? I don't expect you to actually know but yea...my theeves were good till I get a shift on my front truck and I spent $60 for the tiax and and extra $20 for the hollow ti kingpins, I know I could of saved by getting the tikings instead of tiax but I liked the color way, haha my life story @andrewcannon666
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