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Ryan Clements

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New trucks are never fun, but grinding down some Indys sure is gratifying.

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Ryan Clements
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guano_and_grits 1350953012
Why are there other truck companies anyway?
rtclem 1350953031
I did wheels on Friday, trucks today, and the deck will be soon...promise @kickstartmyart.
seaboard 1350953079
Man Marks!
paradoxgrip 1350956532
Proper @rtclem
What are you talking about!? You still have a whole axle to grind through player.
justdylanperry 1350959335
hellonwheels 1350994669
Ride til the wheels fall off isn't an expression. Grind em through the axle!
localskateshop 1350995223
You know where to get some new trucks. @localskateshop
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