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Rob Meronek

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Good morning from Santiago, Chile. This is no easy spot to skate! I left a pile of SPoT shirts, party hats, and stickers under a Cornejo sign here. I'm on vacation now but I will be back soon on a real skate trip.

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Rob Meronek
For how long are u here? It would be dope if u met the most classic skate spot in Santiago: #busta
brauliosagas 1350747308
Welcome to my home town @meronek
meronek 1350750046
Leaving now, @moonordie will be back soon. It's amazing and the people are so nice @brauliosagas empanadas, pisco sour, some history in the museums, having a great 24 hours here.
brauliosagas 1350750895
I hope the next time you go i am there too! Have a save trip! ;)
brauliosagas 1350752322
reemopearson 1351526368
@meronek Is it true Tampa Am is jam format this year?
meronek 1351529176
@reemepearson yep it's jams, but just for the qualifiers. Sunday is runs as usual. See you in Tampa!
meronek 1351529267
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