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Kerry Getz

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Year 2000 shoe number 1 Year 2012 shoe number 1

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Kerry Getz
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luvpark03 1350713835
I was so bummed when that shoe disappeared. The black and gum was too perfect. Top 5 favorite shoes! #respect Kerry !
nefarious_evs 1350720711
@getzhabitat I still have a pair of them white/burgundy ones.
andyr0se 1366176411
@getzhabitat I remember when the first pair came out. Really dope skate shoes in a great era of skateboarding.
kerrygetz 1366209897
@arosetakespics best era in skateboarding in my eyes. Today's era is a Lil all over the place. But skating is still fun!
fressh_sb 1374130266
Dude the getz 1 was seriously the beat shoe ever. If I could even find another pair I would buy then shit out of them. I was on a hunt on here to find a pic of these shoes. Thank you.
kerrygetz 1374156599
@fressh_sb I still have about 40 pairs. Shoes did rule. The good old days. You might be able to find some on eBay. What size do you wear?
fressh_sb 1374159892
fboesly 1390970420
I use that red white shoes back in early 2000
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