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Mike Carroll

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#prettysweet aftermath to the #bakeanddestroy premier!

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Mike Carroll
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jawsworth 1350205460
dagarmorph 1350207536
Fucken radd bringing the true raw shit out in skateboarding... The way it should be.... Fuck society !!
luk3_roach 1350207732
Yeah there's heaps of pics in my feed haha it's crazy @chronicles_of_gnarlia
goodvibrationss 1350208958
vals_give_away 1350215941
Any time they can use the riot squad they will #fuckthepolice
benjaminkeeney 1350221178
@rdpics @stacywernick @spitfirewheels this is also shitty timing for the hearings going on in Philly where they want to ban skateboarding and impose crazy huge fines. I'm concerned legislators there will hear about this and have more ammo for their case.
kickpop_ 1350226774
@da_1andonlybearklaw missed out on a riot in Hollywood bro
notmyareacode 1350404423
@willwskates it was during , I was in front and they didn't let no one in , the only people who saw it were the pros and their families
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