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Rob Meronek

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Maybe it's time to re-live my air barreling days of youth. If only that foam pit didn't smell like teenage gym socks.

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Rob Meronek
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alexprado_ 1350012117
Is that woodward west?
meronek 1350013032
Yeah @ceezkiddo ! Yep, Woodward West for Damn Am this weekend @prado239
alexprado_ 1350014200
Hell yeah, thats going to be sick!
hellonwheels 1350016095
childhobbs 1350016299
I was there last week. An official lawn dart foam pit contest would be sick. Make it happen!
paulflores86 1350016577
@meronek early grab front flip
anthonyfurlong 1350022818
Careful, that ramp is 5.5 ft tall
the_kylejohnson 1350030268
Did they reopen 688?
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