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Andrew Cannon

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We are having our own tug of war during this debate...

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Andrew Cannon
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tessaantonelli 1350006060
@andrewcannon666 We are playing a drinking game haha
pinkrangerovers 1350006684
Joe Biden putting Delaware on his back!!!
coles_captures 1350006770
Love those dogs!!
andrewcannon 1350007091
@tessaantonelli what are the rules and scale of 1-10 how hammered are you? New rule, everytime Biden looks at the camera you have to take a shot
jasonchicosky 1350009218
I really wanted Biden to lose it and start yelling and cuss
jasonchicosky 1350009260
And it should be chug your beer the whole time he stares at the camera
tessaantonelli 1350010168
@andrewcannon666 each person was on a Biden or Ryan team with 8 words. If they said those words you had to drink. If a candidate smiled or laughed at the opposites rebuttal you had to drink and when the moderator got over ridden you had to drink. I am a 6/10 drunk by the way, and I gave up about halfway through because I was smashed
mandagruber 1350011408
This. Is. Awesome! Who won?? Did Tank fart which caused the Gidge to let go??
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