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Josh Kalis

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Had to make some changes to the Porsche today. Yeah... I can weld fool!!

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Josh Kalis
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ben_moores 1349913775
@dgkalis love that I can keep up with the car this way. Put any race gas in it yet?
930chas 1349914338
Good stuff Josh. Looking forward to seeing what shoes you slap on her.
pquang 1349917633
jo3yv 1349918348
@930chas it's already got HRE's what more could you ask for?
mrcreeper303 1349923299
Such a sick car for such a shady tree operation. Don't think I have ever seen a Porsche on jack stands in a parking lot. Lol
turbotagteam 1349931499
@jo3yv work meisters
jo3yv 1349932662
@turbotagteam true dat! Black and gunmetal @mrcreeper303 the lifts were all filled at the shop so they got to work outside lol
bikefrk1 1349967552
@mrcreeper303 you should have seen us hammering on his old pcar in the neighbors garage. At least we had a lift. Much respect @dgkalis for working on your ride!
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