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Back on the insta game. Miss me? πŸ˜‹ #beach #boat #adventure #hooters #weekend #chillin #ballers #fun #water #instagood #instadaily #iphonesia #octoberphotoday

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Marlee Miller
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ashhh_uhh_leeee 1370760567
Awwww how cuteeeeeee @vin_chenz_oh
ashhh_uhh_leeee 1370792385
@mvidart she can join the fucking list, these hoes think I'm playing when they all up on our men HOES WILL BE HOES
ashhh_uhh_leeee 1370806266
This picture makes me wanna barfffffffff @mvidart ewww fuckin gross
ashhh_uhh_leeee 1370818483
Her and Raquel should be best friends lmao fuckin whores @mvidart
ashhh_uhh_leeee 1370823880
Haha I know right @vin_chenz_oh talks shit about the bitch too, funny thing is she read my message and didn't say shit back like a fuckin pussy so she must be fuckin vinny too
ashhh_uhh_leeee 1370825210
She's a PUSSY @mvidart
ashhh_uhh_leeee 1370827021
Lmao she finally replied and said she doesn't have time for us "ratchets" LMFAO coming from the ratchet hoe that spreads her legs
ashhh_uhh_leeee 1370827029
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