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Skatepark of Tampa

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Jeff from Team Pain looking over some design options for the new course. What do you want to see? - @meronek

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Skatepark of Tampa
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jeff__hammond 1349808471
@spinstagramog see two comments ago 👆re:software
james8127 1349811774
j_martin58 1349831097
@spottampa @jeff__hammond a nice euro gap, or a 2-3stair, into a bank.
jeff__hammond 1349831629
@j_martin58 yeah, I like that.. what's drawn up right now has a real small eurogap.. more like a bump to mannypad.. but going in will be the same as a twostair into a bank.. dunno, you'll probably like that little zone
jeff__hammond 1349831739
@alejandroburnell no ski jump-- sorry... there'll be a good bump to flat bar though
j_martin58 1349834015
@jeff__hammond just had another idea. put in a wider 3 block with hubbas on both sides, and have a box ledge in the middle like a small version of the @streetleague course
filthy_pig 1349960623
@spottampa a little bit of everything you would see in a street but, simple , challenging but no too kill yourself.
boioiob 1349980986
Pool coping somewhere, a ledge with a bank or small tranny on one side, and maybe a nice China bank/tight tranny guy on the balcony wall
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