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Ryan Clements

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If you don't want to vote for me for President, please at least elect me FL Senator.

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Ryan Clements
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pluskateboarding 1349745080
Roseanne Barr???!!!!
masta_faye 1349745488
Got my vote for President!!
andybutler1919 1349746876
I say president all the way
lostfloridian 1349748143
@rtclem president of team handsome
lander71 1349748625
That or none of the above!
stilettosixx 1349753564
If I could vote I would vote for you. Only for selfish reasons. If you are prez then Jenna is prez wife and I'm guessing free pinkberry.
andymryan 1349766235
Do you have residence in California, because they are shit house here
kevingraver 1349789749
Doesn't ybor have a senator already?
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