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Heavy. #es #skateboarding #bestteam #Mvp

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Johnny Tang
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hiepb 1349533705
Hell yeah the old Es team was dope!!! Shit brings back my childhood!! Es needs to come back!! Thanks for the upload bro!!
hiepb 1349533745
The best shoes back on Es was those grey and blue creager!!!! Lol just saying
johnny_tang 1349535197
Haha creagers were good @hiepb Koston 1,2,3 and accels
hiepb 1349549123
I was just feeling the Koston 1 and the all black accels. I know it's kinda of off topic but those axion guy mariono was one of my all time favorite back in the day. Lol I know you remembering those.
johnny_tang 1349549177
@hiepb those were soo good.
photobotsnap 1349563426
Solar! Wow, Al Nolan was their S&J's sales rep and I bought accels there and got a job. @johnny_tang bought a deck from moi
johnny_tang 1349592028
Solar... Aha shop was pretty tight. Only when you worked there @photobotsnap
photobotsnap 1349609092
@johnny_tang Selling decks and only charging for the grip
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