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Hope everyone's having a good night! If your drinking be safe, if your sleeping then sweet dreams or if your getting up... Good morning! #instafamily thankful 4 what I have and not worried about what I wish I had.

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Daewon Song
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jrobertmiller 1371230369
Am I wrong or have you been by the Interstate 80, in Utah skating a concrete miniramp or was it someone else? :)
jrobertmiller 1371230420
Actually a kind of pointy shaped bowl.
cosmictourist 1372299828
Daewon vs h20 and 5 incher b side are the biggest inspirations of mine to keep skating even after all the bails. SOTY for every year @daewon1song
cosmictourist 1372300277
I mean... @pikniktablewizard
daewon1song 1372301018
@mindmunch means alot brotha!!! πŸ™ Keep on killing it my friend !!!!!
teamramrod7 1373414182
Dude totally radical plus ur so positive in life i hope u become ever so successful in ur life keep skating on bro πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
tpaulky 1377267402
@daewon1song if I do a drawing of you is there any chance that I can actually send it to you
megatron2011 1386756286
Daewon vs H2o!!!
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