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Josh Kalis

Photo from dgkalis

#freefabes go to Dgk.com to see how you can help the homie and fellow skater. Thanks! #menaceskateboards

dgkalis Instagram profile picture
Josh Kalis
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d_bulletprooftiger 1349423565
We need to know the crime
great_wild 1349423953
He skated on the Walk of Fame in LA!
whoopsygoldberg 1349431274
@ch0mp_0n_this your a hater and ain't nobody got time for that. Help out or get out plain and simple don't talk shit on the internet like your some preachers daughter
samuel__edward 1349441668
@whoopsygoldberg next time I'll keep it more along the lines of cats, weed, and skateboarding.
lanierkennels 1349447112
whoopsygoldberg 1349469317
@ch0mp_0n_this see there you go trying to hate again. Keep your stupid ass comments to yourself
samuel__edward 1349469469
@whoopsygoldberg that was sarcasm...I don't hate you.
alrightthen_____ 1350433774
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