Photo from anthony_schultz

quick game for @lilmeegers day off #crackedassball

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anthony_schultz 1349296999
I'd like to blame it on the #olloclip distortion but big ass hand run in the family @bigtweest we gotta get a game soon
mariomiller 1349297008
anthony_schultz 1349297067
been playin everyday @mariomiller missin my bowling buddy!
gypsyeyesx 1349297131
i like that tat
jtrhoades 1349297859
Everyday?! Let's hit it up
anthony_schultz 1349298084
yea I live across the 78 friom the VET @bigtweest ima try n do coffee and at least one game every morning. the more homies the better
mariomiller 1349298138
Seriously! @anthony_schultz @bigtweest #200club #reuniontour!
dane_vaughn 1349302112
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