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Cedar Wright

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Parting shot from Crimea. Bumped into the most old school climber I've ever seen. He had a rad no carabiner system and hi buddy gave him the "hand belay." Great way to finish the trip. #ukrainekin

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Cedar Wright
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michael_feehan 1349213973
You are awesome! How do you become a professional rock climber?
michael_feehan 1349216926
@cedarwright ?
missyost 1349231611
You gonna grow a beard like that, Cedar?!
loopghost 1349235511
@michael_feehan you gotta live in the ditch for about 10 years then wait for the sponsors to roll in.
michael_feehan 1349263759
Hahaha but how do u get noticed by them @loopghost @cedarwright
michael_feehan 1349264191
? @loopghost @cedarwright
cedarwright 1349272177
@missyost I'm not sure my face has those capabilities.
me.layan 1358855493
Haha, good one. all that experience clearly counts :)
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