Photo from mfdoon

So this how @mayerinated got served. From here he landed on his face on the coping, got knocked out, then still had to drop to the flat from an 18 foot quarter pipe. Luckily he's the toughest motherfucker you ever met! #shitwasbrutal #maloofmoneycup #southafrica #SPoTLife

kyle_bob 1349107008
chan_makesherdance 1349107258
Fucking shit that's one bad ass mothA fucker
russianassassin 1349107283
Is there a video of it anywhere?
hardflip 1349108305
Holy living fuck.
therealgood 1349108814
Great shot!
mfdoon 1349110552
I don't think so @russianassassin . A photographer got a sequence of it. I'll make sure you guys get it if I can get my hands on it.
russianassassin 1349110988
That would be awesome!!! Thank you!
tllthwlvsmhm 1349115794
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