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Josh Kalis

Photo from dgkalis

My man @blabacphoto still gots them skills in the board. Peep his page for an endless array of dope skate photo's!!

dgkalis Instagram profile picture
Josh Kalis
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swagr 1348968015
Is this the skateboarder or the photographer? I don't recognize the name as a skateboarder.
blabacphoto 1348968298
em_stagram 1348969175
@blabacphoto aaa hahhaha!!! I love it!!! Dude I had to do a double take 😂😂
brent_all3n 1348970429
@blabacphoto killin it !
jonathan_on_insta 1349016661
@blabacphoto sweet
mobiletang 1349144924
We need a heelflip next @blabacphoto , them maybe one of those epic slappies!!!
jake__stevenson 1349152968
@dgkalis shit josh I'm 11 lol and got a long way but I just watched one of your old vidieos back in love park and it made me and makes me wanna go skate.
jake__stevenson 1349152992
Really inspired by you, wish I get as good
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