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Max Schaaf

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#throwoutyouroldsocksthursday. Been running these for awhile now.... Really good. Thanks @stancesocks for the fix. #tubed #stripes

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Max Schaaf
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4q69 1386694558
Think 4q logo pocket .... What you think?
38knucklefvr 1386711344
well yeah!! orange tee white print!! ♥♥
38knucklefvr 1386728400
38knucklefvr 1387833129
@4q69 well maybe shirts will be ready for my 40th !! jan.11th no pressure!!
4q69 1387834083
I'm a kook sorry @38knucklefvr
38knucklefvr 1387856803
@4q69 should i care that much about a tshirt?! i'm the kook!
38knucklefvr 1388354385
@4q69 sweet coaches jackets on hwzn bross!!
eddieddie518 1395331688
Favorite socks dude
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