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Josh Kalis

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I just got home to find some boys skating in front o the crib. I thought they were here for some stickers and shit.... NO... They were here to kick it with Jae. FUCK!!! Teenager shit... FUCK!!!

dgkalis Instagram profile picture
Josh Kalis
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okalis 1348753198
I don't know why your trippin' @dgkalis our girl @jaekalis is super smart and doesn't put up with foolishness or games
jimmy_fischetti 1348754190
Aah run em off..
dgkalis 1348755706
@ivosewer no shit!! Lol.
ivosewer 1348756247
I still have a pic of you in your old house back in '97. You lived there with Stevie. We were these 2 kids from Holland. You even drove us there in your green Honda with slick Rick in the speakers!
ivosewer 1348756259
swixted 1348768217
@dgkalis lol your reaction is priceless!!
g_lak 1348777075
That's super beat... But it's inevitable...atleast they're not like 25 on some crazy stalker shit. # @dgkalis
chilliephilly 1348967839
Remember me @oniecorrea Haha fag
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