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Zakk Wylde

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CANADIAN n S.AMERICAN Chapters BL FAMILY MnG's!!! http://tiny.cc/BLS_VIP

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Zakk Wylde
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drose0805 1348715369
Wish I could go to the Niagra Falls show! boo!hooo! Haven't been there since I was a kid.. would be so cool!
cokecodelia 1348717419
@zakkwyldebls AND CHILE?!
cristian10186 1348721887
Nov 11 Mexico city
__never_say_die__ 1348744897
I'll be sure to bring tubby custard. I hope there will be toast.
deathbysexy14 1348763906
Falta México 11 de noviembre!
deivid_c 1348766874
@deathbysexy14 Me preocupa que no pongan México!
deathbysexy14 1348775068
@deivid_c a mi también, desde hace más de un mes que se están vendiendo boletos! Pero en en el Facebook de Zakk Wylde ahí una publicación donde dice México!
camj250 1348782564
Who is opening for you??? I'll be in Vancouver how much for tickets???
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