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Zach O'Hara

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Back Blunt. #selfhype #selfies #skateboarding #homies #DIY

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Zach O'Hara
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mattperez 1348691860
kevin_wilson 1348867524
Hey man, you skating anywhere Saturday, I'm gonna be in the area
zachohara 1348867620
yeah most likely skating Niceville park or something. @kevin_wilson
kevin_wilson 1348868336
Right on, we may end up going out there, prolly gonna try to hit some street though
zachohara 1348885905
I know a spot in Niceville we can go too. @kevin_wilson I'm down to skate some street
kevin_wilson 1348886132
Right on, what time are y'all gonna be at the park
zachohara 1348890537
probably around 12 when it opens. have work tomorrow at five though so probably will only skate till like 2-3
zachohara 1348890557
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