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Rob Meronek

Photo from meronek

Nuclear artwork in Nelson Mandella's hood.

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Rob Meronek
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Super cool
stienerrecliner 1348684357
Someone call Jeremy Wray
fromohio 1348687086
@meronek live that it's just chilling next to the road, and looks like its on stilts! #security ??? #whatsecurity
fromohio 1348687101
waxmania 1348689626
meronek 1348697453
@waxmania man there was a super sketchy bridge between the two, that could have been the human downward slingshot ha crazy
waxmania 1348697789
Karl Pilkington from An Idiot Abroad was supposed to bungee of off that bridge. He wisely passed, his camera man did it though. #shitwhitepeopledo
baselineskateshop 1348766131
got permission to skate inside those towers last year, there is a pretty good wallride inside
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