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FUN! #lush #lushcosmetics

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_laura 1348663693
@ginnyandtonic oh no :( try their dream cream on it to soothe it? Xxx
_laura 1348663729
@gemmadenise we played with it in store and he was so excited. And kept sniffing it. I love the green one. It smells amazing.
rhiannonsherwood 1348666260
Mouldable soap wouldn't be appropriate with immature people like myself, haha!
_laura 1348666287
@rhiannonsherwood hahaha! I'm going to make so many things for max
oursarah 1348683963
Green's my favourite too 👍
_laura 1348696836
@oursarah it smells so yummy and fresh!
lady.bones 1348727400
I was gunna buy some yesterday! Stu said no 😥
_laura 1348728136
@indymakes3 booo :( ill get you some for Xmas!
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