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Stephanie Precourt

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The letters bled a bit & I don't know what I'm going to do with it but it was fun to make.

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Stephanie Precourt
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annzas 1348412781
guarros 1348413929
Ok. I am NOT creative or crafty. Despite what I tell myself BUT what if you hand painted the edges with a lighter pink to make it feel less severe? That said: I think it looks awesome and imperfections make things even better. But if you weren't sure you would still want to use it, that might help your eye not focus on the letter that bled?
babysteph 1348415313
@guarros thanks- I might touch up the bleed with the colors it's supposed to be... Not sure yet!
guarros 1348415396
@babysteph that makes much more sense. But I love it as is. Now... If I could only find a gigantic picture to try this out on!!
babysteph 1348415781
@guarros I found it at Goodwill for $5!!
julssmith1177 1348420827
Love it
dollymama 1348423168
Love the Avett Bros.
mommasgonecity 1348470633
Love. Also, those are some of my fav lyrics ever.
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