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Lizard King

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Sick ass little homie!!!!!

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Lizard King
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sguzzy 1348341757
@bigbizliz what game reserve are you at? I am so jealous.
jam_smash 1348343555
Fuck yea so rad
abraham.rico 1348370539
That homie kills it;)
couxcoux 1348422648
yo check my profile for africa pictures i was just there! u shred @bigbizliz
itsasiabrown 1348452574
Eeeee!!! Bring him home 😍😍p-p-paahhlleaseeeeee!!
scottysoul 1348630434
Know these bastards all too well, used to fight em off my avocado tree when I was a kid. Not easy when your 1 against a troop. Still beautiful creatures! I miss Durban!!!
jumpyerbones 1348902400
that monkey def hails satan.
forlondongs 1364405785
That's looks like you that's your boyfriend
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