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love this place! #world8

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Dub Williams
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_hero_ 1349065580
Right off Vermont! Love that place! My brother lives right there
dubwilliams 1349068412
@_hero_ yeah dude I work a couple blocks away on wilshire. I don't buy a lot of games these days but when I do I love giving $ to these guys. They're friendly and I'm glad places like this still exist!
_hero_ 1349926446
I just realized that this means that you love out here now. I don't know what took me so long to connect the dots. #slow
dubwilliams 1349933406
@_hero_ hehe yup, I moved to East hollywood in January
_hero_ 1349933572
Oh shit man!! Already in the art scene?!
dubwilliams 1349936667
@_hero_ trying! Usually I find out about stuff afterwards haha
_hero_ 1349937579
Haha well I'm out here, in the LA burbs. My brother lives right by this shop. I'm always down to collab, and can let you know when things are going on
dubwilliams 1349941507
@_hero_ yeah man that would really be cool, I'd appreciate either!
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