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Max Schaaf

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I made a little movie from my trip... Or video.... Or if I was in art school I may say film. There is a link to my blogger on top of this profile page. #efmc50th #knucklehead #america #overposting #payphone

4q69 Instagram profile picture
Max Schaaf
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lukeriedy 1348496177
Max, I'm glad you brought this one to NY. The tank and the bars were so cool man!
lukeriedy 1348516930
Fuck ha, Im talkin' about the bornfree bike. Nevermind the nonsense ha
4q69 1348609605
@lukeriedy I got you... Thanks!
benji_wiesenfeld 1352649149
Man this picture! I'm gonna bring this up next time I see you
itsapirateslife 1353412627
s0rrymum 1353412675
This bike is so lush! @itsapirateslife
seanvnorris 1353628192
prince_sho 1362891161
LOL.. I love your caption description.
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