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Even with it being 100 degrees I still just skated and drank coffee all day!! I can't get enough of these 2 things... Hope everyone had a great sat and the heat didn't kill u !!

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Daewon Song
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bangbangpoprocks 1347881339
@daewon1song Love this shot. :)
daewon1song 1347938690
@dvsshoes @matixclothing thank u
sweetreggaewoman 1348023362
I love these 2 things a lot too! I can say I spend more $$ on coffee tho...what's your fave coffee? @daewon1song
daewon1song 1348029341
@sweetreggaewoman I usually get Americano's , when I ground my own coffee I buy (True beans) the elsavador blend ! It's so damn good!!
sweetreggaewoman 1348029434
Cream n sugar?
daewon1song 1348029757
@sweetreggaewoman only cream ;) I never use sugar , probably becuz of the sweet pastry I have in the other hand ! Hahaha
sweetreggaewoman 1348052758
Ahhh that's the best way to have coffee! Good morning headed to my cup now LOL have a blessed day :) @daewon1song
dr_highfill 1348270913
Yah for the little bean.
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