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Shane Oneill

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Dropped all this stuff off at Goodwill on reseda Blvd northridge CA today. Go grab some πŸ‘

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Shane Oneill
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dawnyybomb 1347864160
broke goons need swag too
enjoidaniel 1348076530
Your to nice @shanejoneill keep it up man!!
_erasol 1348351133
Man I don't think they put out all your stuff... @shanejoneill
huntertreviranus 1348892323
The things at goodwill... @taz_galaz
taz_galaz 1348892955
I know i saw that a while ago @huntertreviranus
shanejoneill 1351194319
bigchapo 1351882270
@shanejoneill that's real cool of you man, alot of kids are gonna be stoked. You shlda wrote Nugget on the tags, next time
str33t_warrior 1371076021
@shanejoneill can you get to belgium some times ? I know you are verry bussy but i hope you read this and think about it anyway thanks for motivating my on skateboarding it keeps me away from all the other bullshit ive been trough
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