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Rob Meronek

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Light afternoon office work at the Bright Futures hangover recovery spot. Where y'all at @jiwajata @yonniecruz ha. #windows8yanerd #jeansatthepoolfuckincoolguy #hashtagho #uncheapdrinks #rappersandcereal #fuckyes #gawddamn #yeehaw #pound

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Rob Meronek
jiwajata 1347658334
Haha damn wish I was there drink one for me 🍻 cheers!
lanahuckster 1347660267
Office lyfe. Thug lyfe
mickeychloeecez 1347707689
Hi cousin whats up
meronek 1347713952
@mickeychloeecez what's up Michael!!
mickeychloeecez 1347714583
Well doin great hows auntie & maureen when our your plans to visit banlat you've seen chloee picture your neice hehe she turn 1 last sept 11
mickeychloeecez 1347714661
Always take care
meronek 1347733022
@mickeychloeecez Chloee is looking beautiful! Mom and Maureen are good, and we hope to get to banlat one day
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