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What colour lace trim should I do for this blanket?

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annascreations 1347636418
I like the mustard :0) x
enenge 1347637783
moon7523 1347639109
White would be more suitable
ddadoodle 1347639794
I like the white :)
hawsie 1347641633
Just to be different I actually like the creamy edging. I suppose it's down to what your personal taste because I think the blanket will work with all of them
heatherclaire 1347644407
Thank you for all your comments, it's been good to get other people's thoughts, and they have really helped me make my final decision. I think I'm going with the mustard but I'm not going the lace as it seems the wool is a little thin and the edge curls to much...... I will post the results later . Thank you again to every one.
kheiscorner 1347645581
@heatherclaire i'll go for the gold or mustard??? (top) matches the square boarder :) really pretty :)
heatherclaire 1348057492
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