Photo from pjladd

Working on getting a new board mold made

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ogjohnnyhollywood 1347630920
Make it happen captain.
aggrofromsirius 1347643294
robotard 1347650491
speckled_emu 1347735801
Bossily man
Sweet can I have it?
danielcovin 1355617735
Yo PJ, remember them true red DC's with the yellow lining and black sole. Ya boy won a bunch of acting competitions in them. So thanks for making them shows. Since then I started a clothing line @FullyFaded. It'd be too cool if you let me send you a Fully Faded Family pack. Daniel.Covin@hotmail.com delete this when you read it and Be easy G
danielcovin 1355751349
veggie661 1399182367
Still got that board @pjladd ?
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