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for two

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Rick Poon
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rick_poon 1347136587
@irinabond @nebelin thank you!
briebriek 1347137509
@rick_poon where are the cast iron skillets from?.... I want some for us :).
rick_poon 1347137719
@briebriek I'll get some for you guys. Are you guys free anytime soon?
briebriek 1347139950
@rick_poon This weekend we are busy. Text b or he will call you during the week. Next Saturday evening looks open :) Are you going to Hollywood bowl tomorrow?
rick_poon 1347140051
@briebriek hold sat for us, let me check if good too. no bowl for us, it's my moms bday. have fun!
mrschhoun 1347161354
Yum! I'm going to try making eggs in the cast iron skillet.
briebriek 1347203367
@rick_poon sounds good ;)
adleyy 1347466094
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