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How do I get to be the person who writes the fruit descriptions? Dream job.

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Daniel Kanter
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mrscdw 1346809396
Makes me think of this lovely tidbit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVcniAcWg0Q&feature=youtube_data_player
arielealasko 1346810248
Crisp flesh. Hah!
jellikitty 1346810749
Plumbs are dynamic. That's the first thing I think of when describing plumbs.
jellikitty 1346810790
Oops. I mean plums. Though plums can be plumb as well.
emilygumpel 1346810792
Is there a surplus of plums? I've never had a store sell fruit so hard.
bradengraeber 1346811391
50 Shades of Plum
danielkanter 1346812736
@eg1182 fairway has descriptions like this for ALL THE FRUITS. It's so amazing, I never actually read them before.
notfromargentina 1346814521
Fairway knows how to sell it!
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