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#MobileArtistry is creative edits, beautiful images, unique perspectives, stellar shots, and happy accidents. IE, stuff you won't find on the pop page. Through this ongoing project we hope to expose people to art and artists they may not normally get to see, learn about one another's process, and encourage each other to push the limits of creativity. Please limit your tags to 2 a day. For the fastest reply, direct your questions to our admins, @computerjones @antitheist82 & @momma2maxh. Thank you. Tonight's submission is from @rsmithing, let's hear about his process.

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rsmithing 1346805620
@howlandstudio Thanks, Jennifer.
turningcosmos 1346810009
Great composition and mood. The downturned eyes and mouth nicely lead the viewer's eyes towards the bottom of the image. Nice work! @rsmithing
rsmithing 1346812828
@vagabondinthefog Keen observation, Kevin. Thanks for commenting.
jenniferherbig1 1346870539
@rsmithing - Love this! So funny how we all see different things because I'm not led to look down at all except for a moment to where's she's rising from. ๐Ÿ˜‰ everything to me about this composition points up up and out of the frame. Her eyes looking up and out, Gorgeous!!!
rsmithing 1346884789
@jenniferherbig1 Great interpretation, Jennifer. That's exactly what I was going for in creating this. And I also appreciate how there are so many different interpretations – that's the beauty of art. Thanks for your insightful comments.
jenniferherbig1 1346885828
@rsmithing - #mutualadmirationsociety !!! ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŒธ
julesis 1348276319
Wow! @rsmithing
rsmithing 1348467527
@julesis Thank you, Julia.
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